Hands-On Learning Lab™


Tell me and I will forget. Teach me and I will listen. Involve me and I will LEARN.

Benjamin Franklin


Our team is committed to changing how children and parents feel about dental health and dentistry. Our goal is to help each child, by the time they graduate high school, to have as few teeth filled as possible and to have the skills and behaviors that support a lifetime of dental health.


“We’re making teeth-cleaning more fun and more effective.”

In the learning lab each child works one-on-one with the hygienist as a coach. We support developmentally appropriate skills for each individual child. Also, we’ll take the confusion out of many choice of teeth-cleaning items (brushes, pastes, flossers, pics, fluorides, etc.) which are available today. Our goal at each visit is for each child to take one more step toward optimal dental health for the rest of their life.


  • LEARN about bacterial infection in the teeth and gums such as Gingivitis, Periodontits, Cavities, Smoking, and Oral Cancer.
  • DISCOVER how the acidity of various foods and beverages, regardless of sugar, effects enamel erosion and promotes cavity formation.
  • WITNESS through science experiments just how sugar plus plaque (bacteria) combines to cause cavities: frequency vs. quantity, sticky sugars vs. liquid sugars. Read the label and do the math to “see” just how much sugar is in your favorite foods and drinks.
  • STUDY the internal anatomy of teeth, gums, and bone. Identify healthy vs. unhealthy strucutres that require various dental restorations, root canals, orthodontics, and even extractions.
  • REALIZE small changes in nutrition that make a BIG difference; changes that promote healthy mouths as well as healthy, strong, lean bodies.


  • PLAY with our dental materials. Take an impression of your mouth and, with plaster, turn it into a replica model and learn how to place a sealant or a composite filling.
  • OBSERVE dental procedures of all kinds. Wear a white lab coat and mask, teens are invited to observe the dentist or dental hygienist in action!
  • DISCOVER abnormalities and diagnose dental disease using our digital library of x-rays, photographs, and scans of teeth. Use laser cavity detectors and other dental instruments to assist in diagnosis.
  • INVESTIGATE forensic dentistry. Use tooth models and x-rays to help match the physical evidence of a real person – someone on our dental team.
  • LEARN about the various dental specialty services such as Orthodontics, Endodontics, Periodontics, Prosthodontics, and Oral Surgery.


Dr. Kolkman was awarded his Fellowship in the AGD by amassing over 1,000 hours of continuing education in the areas of cosmetics, sedation, implants, and biological dentistry. Additionally, our office is one of only two in NE Indiana certified by the IAOMT in safe mercury amalgam removal.


Netflix, headphones, remote control. Or, perhaps you’re the eye-mask, earplugs, and weighted blanket – type. Either way, with our ever-expanding comfort menu, relaxing environment, and calming team; you’ll agree, we are on a mission to erase dental phobia!


We get it. You hate the dentist. You’ve been trained to loathe the very word and everything associated with it. That’s exactly what inspired us to rethink how we do what we do. Our practice is guided by a no judgement mentality. Our mission is quite simple: to help you be a better you.

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